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Non-Executive Squared Testimonials

This is what NE2 is all about. Providing experience, knowledge and support to those people who are prepared to follow their dream, even burn some bridges and take risks in pursuit of their goals.

More often that not, such exceptional people go on to build businesses and teams that are an inspiration to us all.

Below are a few quotes from what my clients have to say about my services: -

I have had the pleasure of knowing Martin Smith both professionally and as close friend for over 20 years.

Although we now reside in different countries, the geographic distance between us matters not and the time we spend together socially always tends to revert back to our favourite subject....  Business - past, present and future. It’s the subject that gets us pumped, to discuss, solve and come up with new ideas!

Before we became friends, I conducted business with Martin because, quite simply, of his ability to make everything easy. He did everything better than his competitors and had the ability to create and cement trust in the business relationship very quickly. He had analysed his own business, ironed out any restrictive processes and identified what his customer base needed from a supplier - with a mission to always exceed expectations.

It’s a rare combination to fuse a real ‘people person’ with an unparalleled commercial mind and whilst I now enjoy our time together socially, I do actually miss ‘doing business’ with Martin. My current business is totally unrelated to our previous business (IT) and I am still in awe of how Martin can decipher what I do and give sound advice on a sector I am effectively more qualified in.

Regardless of our individual success, Martin has always played the mentor role in our relationship and, as humble as he is, he probably doesn’t realise just how much of my personal and business success is down to everything I’ve learned from him.

Simon Dearn - Managing Director Urban Automotive - www.urban-automotive.co.uk

My relationship with Martin was born from a professional customer-supplier perspective but over the last 8 years Martin has advised me on many facets of my life, both professional and personal.

Having the knowledge that Martin was available as a sounding board has given me the confidence to make decisions without leaning on peers that may have their own agenda, which could cloud my decision. Martin has always provided clear, incisive and thoughtful advice and is a great 'ideas man'.
It’s always reassuring to know that someone else’s journey and experiences can potentially prevent you from making expensive mistakes. But additionally, if you have made an error of judgment, knowing that there's someone that can lift you through.

An inspirational man, life is better with him in it!

Ryan Mitchell - Print Director Westcoast Limited - www.westcoast.co.uk

My history with Martin spans more than twenty years working with him in number of businesses, the last for over ten years.

Martin has many skills - too many for me to list I think! But vitally he is a great motivator and not just in sales-related issues. He helps you to see outside of the box when sometimes you cannot see your solution. He is a innovative leader; you want to work for him and listen to his words. But Martin will take the time out and help to skill you up. There are numerous skills Martin has instilled in me. I am now the MD of my own business and, when difficult situations arrive, to this day I still ask myself the question "how would Martin handle this one?

Most of all I consider Martin a mentor to me and has taught me well on how to run a business.

Andy Kelly - Director MB Technology - www.mbtechnology.co.uk

"My wife and I had spotted a small bar and restaurant business in Spain that was for sale.

We were unsure of the business landscape in Spain and required some start-up funding plus initial working capital.

We met with Martin and he guided us through the acquisition negotiations and provided the funds to complete the purchase - plus initial capital to get the business refreshed and stocked ready for re-opening.

He made everything simple, he was there whenever we needed him and he left us to get on with building the business, without creating work or being intrusive.

Our business arrangement in its entirety was articulated on 2 sheets of A4 paper, in plain English, with very clear statements of who was responsible for what  - and when.

Without Martin's help we could not have acquired the business, or refreshed, re-opened and kick-started it.

He was and is an invaluable resource that we can call on at any time, as and when we need his support and advice".

Kevin & Mandy Melia The Almond Tree, Mijas Spain

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