Looking for opportunities to generate
both income and capital gain…

Invest Non-Executive Squared

As someone really interested in business, people and ideas I am always looking for opportunities to invest and generate either capital gain or dividend yield, or both, - on a hands-on or hands-off basis.

Typically, my INVEST strategy has been away from NE2 and with a more ‘hands-off’ approach - to leave more time for my NE2 clients.

Invest Non-Executive Squared

Invest Service

On a few occasions, and after working with clients through the CONSULT and ENGAGE stages, it has become obvious that INVEST was a very natural and desired development of the relationship; something that both parties were keen to explore for mutual benefit.

In these cases, I am lucky enough to have a small amount of personal capital available - plus access to business angels and other private investors - all of whom are looking for opportunities to generate both income and capital gain.

Invest Non-Executive Squared

Invest Non-Executive Squared

The world is awash with money - but people with amazing vision, incredible drive and the desire to make a difference by delivering real value and building exceptional businesses are far and few between.

If you have a brilliant and noble idea of how to make a real difference – in business, in people’s lives - backed up with relentless drive & desire to make it happen… then the money you need is NEVER the issue.


Honest Consultation

It’s a real fact of business life for most of us, at one time or another, that you have to do it by yourself, drawing on your own resources. But better not to do it alone when you can tap into honest, objective insight and practical support.

That’s exactly why I’ve created this offering. Give INVEST a try – you may well get some great advice quickly and easily, with no ‘strings’ attached.

INVEST is easy to access, great value for money - and has already provided many ‘real world’ solutions and ideas to clients around the world. Martin Smith - Non-Executive Squared View testimonials >