Driving the programmes and tactics
that achieve your desired outcome…

Engage Non-Executive Squared

ENGAGE is the next step for clients who have felt the benefits of CONSULT but decide they need an extended involvement to tackle some issues, implement changes and measure results.

As much as we would all like our challenges to be resolved by a few sessions talking on a video call, there are times when this just is not going to be enough – particularly if the water is a bit choppy out there!

Engage Non-Executive Squared

Engage Service

Having started out with CONSULT it should be clear to us both if we share chemistry, vision and values. That’s when a working relationship at its best and most enjoyable – on the same team and committed to the same outcomes. And that’s when you may decide we need to move on to ENGAGE.

ENGAGE means we work together for a period of time, onsite and ‘sleeves rolled up’, driving the programmes and tactics that will ensure you achieve your desired outcome.

When we agree ENGAGE is the way forward, we’ll keep it simple.

Meetings Non-Executive Squared

Engage Non-Executive Squared

A single sheet of A4, summarising the outcome you want and the cost of me helping you achieve it, is all we need. Nothing too long term or permanent, unless you want it so. Just a simple, flexible, value-for-money deal that gets the job done.

It does not matter where you are located. If I commit to helping you get the job done I will be where you need me to be, for as long as is required, so that you get the result you want.


Honest Consultation

It’s a real fact of business life for most of us, at one time or another, that you have to do it by yourself, drawing on your own resources. But better not to do it alone when you can tap into honest, objective insight and practical support.

That’s exactly why I’ve created this offering. Give ENGAGE a try – you may well get some great advice quickly and easily, with no ‘strings’ attached.

CONSULT is easy to access, great value for money - and has already provided many ‘real world’ solutions and ideas to clients around the world. Martin Smith - Non-Executive Squared View testimonials >