Which direction to take?
The best route for you
and your business…

Consult Non-Executive Squared

Sometimes which way to go is not quite clear as you would like. Which direction to take? The best route for the most effective outcome?

It’s at times like these that we could all use some pointers from an experienced, objective ally who can help you consider the options and develop a practical solution to keep you – and your business – moving in the right direction.


Consulting Service

CONSULT is the cornerstone and key offering from NE2; the ability to easily and quickly book a CONSULT session - and get some timely, practical and relevant advice and ideas on any specific commercial or people situation.

No drawn out meetings, no heavy 6 or 12 month contracts. And best of all no wasting time; I’ll give you solid ‘feet on the ground’ support to keep you moving forward and pursuing your goals.

This is all about ‘spot buying’ the expertise you need, exactly when you need it - to overcome obstacles, clear distractions out of your path and to resolve any conflicts quickly - with the ‘one right action’.

Meetings Non-Executive Squared

Meetings Non-Executive Squared

Every hour you pay for comes with a full money back guarantee; I don’t believe in money for nothing so if I cannot add value and help you then I will return your payment.

I don’t need to know the ‘ins and outs’ of every detail of you or your company – just a brief of what the issue or challenge is, plus an outline of any constraints you are working within. My aim is to offer a practical solution that you can execute immediately.


Honest Consultation

It’s a real fact of business life for most of us, at one time or another, that you have to do it by yourself, drawing on your own resources. But better not to do it alone when you can tap into honest, objective insight and practical support.

That’s exactly why I’ve created this offering. Give CONSULT a try – you may well get some great advice quickly and easily, with no ‘strings’ attached.

CONSULT is easy to access, great value for money - and has already provided many ‘real world’ solutions and ideas to clients around the world. Martin Smith - Non-Executive Squared View testimonials >