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You might find this Resources section a little different to the resources found on other business development and mentoring websites. I really hope you do!

There’s any number of forms and planners available out there to download, and I’ll probably include my own favoured tools and documents along the way.

But I am determined to be real so you’ll find that my Resources, whilst subject specific, are produced in a blog-style which explores issues and situations I’ve encountered in an open and honest way - including successes and 'could have done better’ scenarios.

So, yes, you’ll find some key principles outlined which you can take and use as business tools - but you’ll see them placed in the context of real situations that I have experienced myself. Hope that works for you!

Word Document
One Page Business Plan (.docx - 218KB) There isn’t a simpler or more effective tool for getting people focused on a major company or department goal, and then communicating how they can all contribute to getting it done. Download document >
Excel Document
T12M Spreadsheet (.xlsx - 51KB) If I could only use one tracking tool it would be the T12M trailing 12 month chart. NOTHING gives you a truer picture of what is going on in your business, historically, currently and prospectively. This chart allows you to identify potentially major problems BEFORE they reach crisis stage. The T12M chart will do this for you. Download document >
PDF Document
Stock Management (.pdf - 167KB) Here is an overview of how to manage & monitor your inventories. In this area, there are many different approaches, all with the same objective – to minimise risk & cash usage, whilst maximising yield and customer service level. Download document >
PDF Document
Business Growth Planning (.pdf - 186KB) To grow your business fast without some preplanning is a recipe for disaster – and many businesses end up broken for this very reason. We all want growth, and we want if fast! Careful planning will help you to avoid some (not all!) of those nasty growing pains! Download document >
PDF Document
Top Five Goals (.pdf - 142KB) Once you have your 1 page business plan, next up is your top 5 goals tool, to get your senior team focused. Split it into short and longer term objectives for those critical top 5 performance and financial goals. Download document >
PDF Document
Unique Business Proposition (.pdf - 145KB) What does your business really sell, from the customers’ viewpoint? What do you do better than anyone else? This uniqueness is usually a source of pride to you and your people. Most important, do your employees, customers and suppliers know what it is that you do better than anyone else? Download document >
PDF Document
KPI Creation (.pdf - 165KB) How easy is it for you to ‘take the temperature’ of your business? A well thought out KPI set, that is embedded into the DNA of your processes, and made highly visible to all, will ensure your business stays balanced and on-track, delivering quality outputs, from customer service levels to financial performance and profits. Download document >
PDF Document
Strategy Planning (.pdf - 147KB) What does the road look like ahead? If we could drive 5 years into the future what would be happening in our external environment? What technologies will be in play that have caused the extinction of our peers who were to slow to change…… and who did not invest the time to plan ahead? Nuff said I think... Download document >
PDF Document
Change Management (.pdf - 167KB) Well… as the song says…. Change is gonna come. The only question is….. will you be driving the change, and in control of it.. or will you be reacting and on the back foot. The thing that sets the great companies apart from the average is their ability to recognise change is required, and then manage that change through with commitment and perfect execution. The ability to manage change is, without doubt, a strategic advantage in today’s world. Download document >
PDF Document
Selling Up & Exiting (.pdf - 151KB) So it’s time to depart: what are your options? What is your ideal outcome? And how can this be made manifest? From MBO’s to BIMBO’s to UMBONGO’s and beyond. You have laboured long and hard – so now it’s time to make sure you receive your dues and leave your legacy. Download document >
PDF Document
Working Capital Management (.pdf - 167KB) The ability to fully utilise your cash resources will enable your business to get ahead faster. Cash or cash headroom can be found in many areas of your business – you just have to know where to look! Getting your operating cycle and cash headroom right will give you confidence AND the cash resources to fully exploit your market opportunity. Download document >
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