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I’ve aimed for my blog to be down-to-earth, accessible and helpful posts about business and people situations which we can all relate to.

I hope if you are busy growing a business, a team, or developing your own skills as a leader or manager, you’ll find insights here that inspire and motivate - and apply in your own real and often challenging business world.

And if you have a subject you’d like me to cover, let me know!

OUTSOURCING - NIRVANA OR NIGHTMARE? 04 September 2018 "What business are you in? - so why dont you focus on that and let us run your logistics / IT / other? This is the business we are in, and we are experts" A compelling argument you think?......... Read more >
Your business is only ever in one of three places.........
Your business is only ever in one of three places......... 30 August 2018 the only time your business will be sailing on calm water is when it has stopped growing and innovating - in other words, when it is stagnating! Read more >
The One Thing
The One Thing 07 August 2018 So you have a 'TO DO' list the size of Brazil and so many tasks that you really dont know where to start? Read more >
The Monthly 12 month Re-forecast – useful or overkill?
The Monthly 12 month Re-forecast – useful or overkill? 06 August 2018 This is one of the most important jobs you and your top team can do together, and a discipline that will keep you all on the same page, moving as a unit. Read more >
The Darth Vader problem
The Darth Vader problem 02 August 2018 From time to time you will find yourself with what I call a ‘Darth Vader’ in your business. I’ve had a few of these along the way and, just so I am being honest, I didn’t deal with them and it cost me very dearly. So I urge you to have the guts and the courage to deal with your ‘Vaders’. Read more >
So you want more? Who in business doesn’t?!
So you want more? Who in business doesn’t?! 23 July 2018 Being a business leader and a creator comes with a few downsides! One of which is always wanting more… No matter how much you have achieved you are always eager to go to the next stage! Read more >
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