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Your business is only ever in one of three places.........

Your business is only ever in one of three places.........

the only time your business will be sailing on calm water is when it has stopped growing and innovating - in other words, when it is stagnating!

Your business will only ever be in one of three places........

You will either be going into a storm...... or going through a storm... or coming out of a storm!

The point is that no matter what, you will never be far from a storm!  

So get used to this fact - it will always be stormy, and your job is to stand strong and deliberate at the helm... and navigate your ship through difficult and unchartered waters, leading and inspiring as you go.

You will be uncertain of what to do, and unsure of unchartered waters..... and you will KNOW you are in the right place! the unknown and uncertain place is where the magic happens!

So break out the storm 'gear'  your creativity, innovation and growth will whip up the 'mother' of all storms!


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