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The Monthly 12 month Re-forecast – useful or overkill?

The Monthly 12 month Re-forecast – useful or overkill?

This is one of the most important jobs you and your top team can do together, and a discipline that will keep you all on the same page, moving as a unit.

Why, when you are up to your armpits in alligators, would you want to spend an hour or so, with your key players, reviewing the 12 month forecast you agreed last month?

Worse still… why would you also review all of your previous monthly 12 month re-forecasts for the current year?

Do you really need to be dealing with all this financial nonsense when the proverbial has hit the fan and you have more plates spinning than even a juggler could handle?!?!?!

Simple…This is one of the most important jobs you and your top team can do together, and a discipline that will keep you all on the same page, moving as a unit.


Because if you can clearly see, that every month from the start of the year your forecast has been dropping and the full year forecast now looks like Dog poo, then you all know you are becoming more and more pessimistic about your year-  and you now need to stop messing around and start executing plans to recover what you can, probably delay or even shelve investment projects that will require cash you are going to need just to keep the ship sailing.

The 12 month forecast….reforecast monthly gives you fantastic information & insights of what you now feel is going to happen, AND it enables you to bring forward nasty uncomfortable decisions and make them now, so you are not reacting but PRO-acting to your market and climate.

I cannot tell you just how important this tool has been for me – and I am very much a ‘back of a fag packet’ and gut-feel guy. Installing this discipline in every component of the business means that each department boss has to re-forecast their cost & income lines every month, for the whole year.

This immediately throws up all sorts of indicators that your business is getting out of balance – for example your head of logistics is still recruiting extra staff and investing in new systems to handle more volume… whilst your head of sales has been reducing the sales forecast for the year every month since month 1?


Yep, the monthly 12 month re-forecast may be a bit of a mouthful… But it will give you amazing insights into the future so you can change course now and still achieve your profit target simply by being super-proactive rather than ‘hoping’ it’s all gonna’ turn out OK. Well it ain’t gonna turn out OK unless you and your team do something TODAY.

Try it and you will like it so much you will never leave home without it!

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