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So you want more? Who in business doesn’t?!

So you want more? Who in business doesn’t?!

Being a business leader and a creator comes with a few downsides! One of which is always wanting more… No matter how much you have achieved you are always eager to go to the next stage!

It goes like this… We pushed and pushed and were relentless… and we have just achieved our big, hairy, audacious goal!
For the team it is time to relax and celebrate – and so they should!
For you it is no more than a tick in the ‘done’ box, and then….ok great…next?!

If you want more then you have to become more. Let me make sure you have got this…

If you want more you have to become more

Whatever you have achieved it is because of who you are… and if you want more you must now work on yourself to become even more – a better leader, a better business person, a better player.

Do not allow yourself the luxury of becoming comfortable with where you are; you must always push the boundaries, always take yourself to that uncertain, uncomfortable place - for this is where all growth, all evolution, takes place.

Educate yourself and your team to understand that they need to always be comfortable with being…uncomfortable!

For you, the leader, the creator, you must be disciplined enough to allocate a few hours evey week to developing yourself and your skills. You may need some management training, it could be some technical training, or financial training.

Whatever it is, allocate the time and force yourself to stick to it and develop yourself to become more so you can have more. This is a critical task for a leader.

It is sooo easy to get caught up in the pressures of the day and then cancel your time for you; don’t let it happen! If you do you will ultimately limit the potential of yourself and your business.

It is one of those critical but not urgent tasks that very often gets left for urgent but non-critical day-to-day tasks and issues.

Use the time to focus on what you need; do your research to track down the best people in the world in each area, and then sign up for their courses or seminars, or even contact them and buy a few hours of their valuable time.
Yes, this may be expensive but just think… in 2 hours talking with one of the best people in the world in their field you can gain the knowledge of 10, 15 or even 20 or 30 years!!

It’s a no-brainer; don’t be cheap when it comes to you and your development.

So you want to have more…

Then you have got to be more!!!

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