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My Story and my idea

Hello, I'm Martin

Hello, I’m Martin Smith and for some time I’d had an idea that kept nagging at me to do something about. The concept was clear - and had crystalised as a result of my own story and business journey.

I wanted to create an easy, informal and fast way to provide access to a wealth of business experience, knowledge and practical support. A friendly and supportive non-executive director on call if you like - but without the need for lengthy meetings, expensive long term contracts or formality.


Because whilst running a large, privately-owned business for fourteen years and leading two fairly high value (£30M+) MBO’s, I came across many situations I had no previous experience of.

Back then, as the leader, I made what I felt at the time were the best and right decisions, acting decisively so the team had confidence in me and the calls I made.

At best, I got as many wrong as I got right and I always felt that it would have been great to be able to simply call a trusted friend or ally to discuss the situation - with a view to getting another perspective from someone who had been there, seen it, done it, maybe even had the T-shirt!

Very often all it required was a phone call, a chat, a sharing of experiences and knowledge from someone with no vested interest, other than a real desire to help. Someone who could help me to consider all the angles, avoid any potential pitfalls and hopefully guide me in the right direction.

What I definitely didn’t want was a 6 or 12 month expensive non-exec. addition to my Board. I just wanted a bit of a chat and a steer from someone who may have been there before and got it right - or maybe even got it wrong and learned some valuable lessons.

So, I’m sure you will understand what has inspired my idea for Non-Executive Squared.

My service is all about being there to help you when you need it, on a ‘pay as you go’ basis at €100 an hour. You won’t need to make big decisions about non-exec. contracts, or new team members who may negatively alter the dynamic of your team and business. I am a proven, trusted and solid resource who just might be able to help you with a tough business or human challenge you are facing alone.

I don’t even need to know who you are or your company details in many cases; - just a brief of the challenge you face and what you need help or advice with.

I am not after equity or a high value contract for relatively few hours of work; I just want to help entrepreneurs and builders of business get through some of those tough situations that inevitably come along to challenge us as we aim to motivate people and drive growth and profits in pursuit of our dreams.

See what others say...

See what others say…

My resumé will give you a better idea of my own journey and please review some of the testimonials from people who have given me a go - and found it to be a really valuable and worthwhile investment of time and a small amount of money.

This is what NE2 is all about. Providing experience, knowledge and support to those people who are prepared to follow their dream, even burn some bridges and take risks in pursuit of their goals. More often that not, such exceptional people go on to build businesses and teams that are an inspiration to us all.

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Fancy giving Non-Executive Squared a try...?

What's the worst that can happen? You waste an hour and 100 Euros? Who knows?

You may very well find a real friend who can share experiences, insights and lessons learned from walking a similar path.

If we do get the opportunity to speak, I will commit everything I have in the toolkit to help and support your cause.

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